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Glass Shower Doors

Finally an affordable way to order glass shower doors. Prosto shower glass is a frameless shower door system. The glass is cut in bulk with 3 different kinds of panels. Use the panels in combination with one another and we have over 1000 different size combos. See our dealers or order online and have it delivered to your house. Orders over $800 ship for free.

Custom glass showers are expensive. Here is how the prosto shower system cuts your cost in half. The system is made up of 3 glass panels. ‘A’ panel is the door, predrilled for hinges and a handle. B & C panels are stationary. Each panel comes in numerous sizes. Use these panels in combination with one another and we have over 1000 different size combos. Because each panel is cut in bulk, if one of the thousand different size combos works for you, it’s half the cost of custom glass.

Using Prosto we can finish enclaves or corner enclosures. Once you’ve picked your glass you can choose from 3 colors of metal for your hinges and handles. If you order on our website it gets delivered to your house usually within 2 weeks. If you order from one of our dealers, they might have in stock ready for you to pickup today.

Some showers require a custom ‘C’ panel to make a half wall facing the bath tub. We try to avoid these by finishing the wall up to the height of the door. If that’s not possible custom ‘C’ panels can be cut for you at extra cost.

Suppose you need a 54” enclosure but using Prosto the closest size you can achieve is 53 ¾”. You can make adjustments in your tile or underlayment to reduce the size of your opening. In this case you can use ½” backerboard instead of ¼” on one side. For that reason the best time to buy your prosto shower is before you tile the walls.

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